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Kingsway is differentWhy we're different

Kingsway is different from all the other schools offering English training for the Oil & Gas Industry.

We train you from the ground up, not from the top down!

At Kingsway we have 10 years' experience working in the oil business and over 20 years' experience training oilfield service personnel in using English in the oil business. This means that we teach English for the Oil Industry from a practical point of view, giving you the language you need to use in practical situations in your day-to-day job.  

Unlike many theoretically based English for the Oil & Gas Industry courses, we will not waste time teaching you a fixed syllabus that may have no relevance to your future career.

What we do

At Kingsway our training environment is a professional but friendly one built upon real life experience in the oil business, and in particular in the oilfield service business. We train you to communicate in the style of the oil business, to give you the skills to thrive in the oilfield environment. We will focus upon your job; we will understand what your job involves, and we will give you the relevant English language skills to do that job a whole lot better. If you would like to read more on our philosophy click here.

What we do not do

  • We do not teach you how to do your job - you are already an expert, or if you are new to the oilfield then your company will be training you in future, so we give you the English language skills to move forward effectively.
  • We are not a substitute for an oilfield technical training school - we focus on the use of English communication in your job and give you the tools to build your technical skills based on the training that your company will give you.
  • We are not for people thinking about working in the oil business - some oilfield English courses promise to "give you an insight into the oil industry". If you need an insight into the oil industry you should not be on our oilfield English course, you should be on a work experience programme. All of our participants are already employed in the oil business and are fired up and ready to go!

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