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Kingsway EnglishTest - Telephone English Language Assessments

English Language Assessments


Kingsway can provide telephone assessments of personnel for either pre-employment checks or for current employee evaluation.

Kingsway EnglishTest is a quick and convenient service which means that wherever you are in the world you can have fast access to a reliable evaluation of your recruits' or employees' ability to communicate in English, through a simple web browser.

This service is carried out by the online division of Kingsway via its automated web site at For a quick overview of the telephone assessment system, or to make a booking, please go to the Kingsway EnglishTest web site.

Please note that this service is a chargeable service however if you have a candidate for English course with us then we will carry out a telephone assessment FREE OF CHARGE.


Powerful benefits of Kingsway EnglishTestTaking the test is quick and easy

  • English language audit of existing workforce to ascertain ability of the company as a whole to operate in international markets
  • Pre‐employment assessment to assist in determining candidates’ English language suitability to particular jobs
  • Ability to make informed decisions regarding employees further on‐going English language training needs
  • Enables language training budgets to be targeted effectively to where they are really needed
  • Enables evaluation of the effectiveness of locally sourced English language training
  • Through individually designed question scripts can be used to assess English language skills in particular industries

Whatever your application of EnglishTest is, the key benefit is that it gives you the power to make effective decisions regarding the deployment of your workforce, confident in the knowledge that they can do their job!

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