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Visa ApplicationVisa Applications

Some participants may need a visa to enter the UK. Normally this is arranged by your company and Kingsway together - Kingsway will send a visa letter directly to the visa department at your company. To check if you need a visa to enter the UK visit the UK Government web site :

The visa application process

Please note, that as of May 2015 the visa names have been changed so the advice on the UK government website refers to "Short-term Study Visa" however when you apply online you still need to apply for the "Visit Visa" as specified below. It seems the application website will be updated during the summer of 2015.

You should apply online at and make sure that you choose your Reason for Visit as VISIT,  your Visa Type SPECIAL VISITOR. Then you should choose the Visa Sub Type as (SPECIAL) STUDENT VISITOR, UP TO 6 MONTHS. Answer 'no' to the following 3 questions.

UK Visa Application

When you click "Create Application" you should see the words on your application as Visit - Special Visitor - (Special) Student visitor, up to 6 months

UK Visa Application

Please do NOT apply for a visa under Tier 4. These visas are for longer term students and are known as General Student Visas. Very similar name, very different process!  Don't go there!

The British Embassy will want to be sure that :

  • You have a genuine reason / need to go to the UK to study (for example you need English for your job and that there are no local English schools that could serve your needs better)
  • You have the money to support yourself, or someone else will be paying for your tuition, living and medical expenses (your employment is usually enough proof)
  • You have booked with, and been accepted by, an accredited English school in the UK (a letter from Kingsway confirms this)
  • You will leave the UK at the end of your studies (a letter from your company will support this)



If you don’t need a visa to enter the UK

We will still send a written confirmation letter to you. You should bring this with you to show the immigration department on arrival in the UK if they ask you.


If you have any problems with the immigration officer when you arrive in the UK please tell them that a Kingsway driver is at the airport to meet you. They may want to speak to the driver, or ask them to call the Kingsway number 01905-619877. They can call at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. Immigration problems on arrival are very rare, and when they do arise the immigration officer usually just needs verification of the course booking.

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