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Kingsway drivers to meet you

A Kingsway driver will meet you when you arrive in the UK and transfer you to the school if you arrive during the week, or to your accommodation if you arrive at the weekend. Please let us know your flight number and arrival time as early as possible so we can arrange for a driver to meet you.

If you do not let us know your arrival details then there will not be a driver to meet you. In this case you must take a train or bus to Worcester (the city where the school is). There are regular train and bus services from London to Worcester.

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When you arrive in Worcester call the Kingsway telephone number 01905-619877 (24 hours) and we will arrange for you to go to your accommodation.

Which airport?

BIRMINGHAM (BHX) is the nearest airport to Kingsway. It takes about 30 minutes by car. If you are able to book your flight to Birmingham it will save you a lot of travel time. Wherever you are travelling from there may be a direct flight to Birmingham, or if not you can travel via Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels etc. Note that there is Birmingham USA and Birmingham UK, so make sure your ticket says “BHX” (the UK Birmingham)!

If you cannot travel to Birmingham for any reason don’t worry! The next best is London Heathrow Airport (LHR) or London Gatwick Airport (LGW). A Kingsway driver will meet you providing we have your flight details. The transfer time from London to Worcester is about 1.5 – 2.5 hours by car depending on which airport and the traffic.

Arrival by plane

Recommended flight routing

Depending on what you are doing before or after your Kingsway course there are some travel options that will make life easier for you!

  • If you are going to a UK location then try to fly to Birmingham. A Kingsway driver will meet you on arrival for your Kingsway course and then transfer you onwards by car after your course.
  • If you are going to a European training centre, then it is worth routing through Paris, France. For example if you are coming from Caracas, fly Caracas – Paris – Birmingham – Paris – Caracas. It will save time and money!
  • If you are going on to a Middle East training centre then it is probably easiest to route via London so that you can get the best connections and price on your main flights.
  • If you are just going back to your location afterwards then try to get to Birmingham if possible, but it may be a lot cheaper to get a flight to London. A Kingsway driver will meet you if you let us know your flight details.

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