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Course Feedback

At Kingsway we are highly experienced in assessing particpants’ English language and their suitability for onward training programmes. Having them stay with us for a period of a few weeks gives us the chance to assess them in a neutral environment. This can be particularly useful for new recruits. We can feed back to Recruiting Managers about the overall behaviour of their recruits and our assessment of their abilities to survive the rigours of the oil industry.

It can also be useful for existing employees travelling outside their home countries for the first time. We can feed back to line managers on a candidate’s performance in terms of cultural adaptability, application to their training programme and other factors which may not be apparent on home territory.

Automatic Alert Feedback

We will automatically feed back to the booking person on any behaviour or performance which we think is cause for concern.

This may be in cases of poor progress, poor application to the course, poor participation, unsuitability to the course or the oilfield in general.

Company managers are busy people so we prefer to alert you to problems rather than bombard you with unnecessary information. You can be sure in the knowledge that “no news is good news”!

Course report

On request we can produce an assessment of an individual’s performance in a standard report format. This report can be requested at any time after a course has taken place as full information and tutor comments are recorded in real time during the training programme.

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