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In order to get the most out of your course we recommend home stay (host family) accommodation for all oilfield-english course participants. Hotels are also available for senior managers who prefer the anonymity and independence that they offer

Homestay Regular (Standard with Field Courses)Host families

Regular host families are chosen to provide clean, comfortable facilities and a welcoming, friendly environment. You will be treated as a member of the family and included in their everyday lifestyle. You will have your own bedroom with shared bathroom, breakfast and evening meal every day, and lunch on Saturdays and Sundays (providing you are at home). Your host will wash your clothes for you.

Homestay Executive (Standard with Manager Courses)Host families

Executive host families are equally friendly and welcoming but they offer something special – perhaps a more spacious bedroom, a quieter more mature environment, or a few little extras that some people like to have around them. They also offer you a private bathroom and guaranteed WiFi. The bathroom may be connected to the bedroom, or it may be nearby – whichever, it will be for your private use.

Self-Catering Apartment Apartment

An alternative to Homestay accommodation is a Kingsway self-catering apartment. The school owns two of these located approximately 200 metres from the teaching centre. The prices includes all utilities, WiFi and maid service one per week. You will have to shop for your own food and cook for yourself. They are subject to availability. Price = GBP£495/week.

Hotel Accommodation Hotel

If you prefer not to have interaction in the evenings and at weekends (perhaps so that you can catch up on your work out of school) then we can book a hotel room for you. There are several hotels within a 15 minute walk of Kingsway. Please be aware that many Kingsway students who choose a hotel wish they had chosen a host family once they are here! Our families love having you to stay and can provide a lot of support both with your English language and your overall experience in the UK. Price = GBP£630/week approximately.

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