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Operations CoursesMonday Introduction


Basic Training

An extended cultural and language communication training programme for field staff who need to work in English in order to do their jobs effectively. Suitable for "Elementary" and above levels of English.

Super Intensive

A highly intensive English communication 'crash' training programme for technicians and engineers prior to attending technical training centres as well as other employees needing fast improvement in a short time. Owing to its 'catch-up' one-to-one sessions at no extra cost this programme is also suitable for "Beginner" levels of English.

Operations Course Booster

The integral conclusion to your Super Intensive course which really boosts the value you get from your learning to make sure you continue to develop.

Operations Course Levels

We use the Kingsway scale of 0 - 10 to grade personnel. A simple, tried and trusted scale that is so obvious it's unbelievable that the whole world doesn't use it!

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