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Rick worked for 10 years in the oil and gas industryCommunication in the Oil and Gas Industry

If you are working in the oil and gas industry then you may well be looking for a course which gives you the language communication skills you need to 'do your job better'. But what exactly do we mean by this?

Everyone needs English in the oil and gas industryAt Kingsway we talk about oilfield communication ...

You will notice that at Kingsway English Centre we talk about oilfield communication - that means communication in English language for the people that work in the oilfield, and by its very nature the 'oil industry'. And of course because oil and gas are different forms of the same thing (hydrocarbons) this means we are also talking about the oil and gas industries together.

So what does communication in the Oil and Gas Industries mean?

In our view a lot of things to different people. Many of these courses give you general Business English skills. Take a look at what is included. If you see things like reading and writing reports, presentation skills, interpreting data, understanding financial information .... then these are often everyday business skills that a lot of different industries need, and the chances are they are probably not oil industry specific.

Drillers and roustabouts communicate with Oilfield EnglishOilfield communication is all about the heart and soul of the oil business ...

Communicating within the oil business is different from almost every other industry. Why? Because the nature of the business (often working in harsh environments where logistics are expensive) means that people of diverse mother tongues from different educational, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds are put together in one big melting pot and expected to get on with each other. On top of that they have to perform a job which is physically and mentally tough, and not make mistakes (expensive!). So the need to communicate is critical!

"Communication in the oil industry is all about making sure you can be understood in the cosmopolitan melting pot"

Presentation skills, reading and writing reports are important. But more important is to be able to communicate with that special type of person who is an oil business professional - in the kind of English that everyone understands.

Sue can help you to understand the English of the oil businessKingsway is different

Rick and Sue Johns who run Kingsway spent 10 years in the oil business together, and have spent the last 20+ years training personnel from all parts of the oilfield to communicate in a common style of English - and that means from roustabout, to driller, to wellsite engineer, to data analyst, to oil company director. They have all been through Kingsway. We don't pretend we can teach you how to do your job - you are the expert in that - but what we can do is to integrate you into the oilfield society that means you will be "one of us" and able to communicate with your colleagues or clients comfortably.

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