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Managers' Course BoosterCheckout Tutorial with Kingsway

This is an integral part of your course to provide a stepping stone from learning in school to applying that knowledge in the world outside.

Together with our Pre-course online welcome session we provide a complete learning path from assessment before you arrive in the UK, the training course itself, through to accountability in using your new skills once you have returned to your job.

Too often, training in all walks of life, is left to wither and die as soon as it's finished. With the Course Booster everyone who passes through Kingsway is given both a Personal Plan to move forward and live on-line help from a personal tutor for around 2 months after leaving the school.

1) Your module begins with a personal 'checkout' tutorial where your course is reviewed with you. Your achievements are assessed; your strengths and weaknesses analysed and compared to your need for communication in your oil industry job.

2) Your 'Personal Action Plan' is then created to enable you to 'spring' that knowledge into the future, so that everything you have learned is applied and not forgotten.

3) Finally, you and your personal tutor will schedule five on-line coaching sessions to put your plan into action and maintain your momentum in using your new skills in your job.

The benefits of the Course Booster are :

  • Personal tutor-coach assigned to monitor your progress after you have left Kingsway
  • Reviews the skills you have learned over the period of the course
  • Establishes and compares your entry needs to your exit needs through personal analysis
  • Identifies your future development needs and matches these to skills learned during your course
  • Compresses skills you have learned into a springboard for future practice
  • Sets out a Personal Action Plan to maximise your future development
  • Includes 5 live on-line coaching sessions to be taken after the course
  • Maximises your investment in your communication skills training

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