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Manager Communication CoursesManager Communication Courses


General Communication Course

A combination course aimed at recently promoted operational staff moving into sales and marketing, technical management, line management, data processing etc – anyone who has a need to transfer their communication skills from life in the field to life in a management type role.

Business Communication Course

A combination course for established oilfield managers who feel comfortable communicating in English but need to develop specific job related communication skills to enhance and improve their ability to perform at the highest level in an international business environment.

One-to-One Course

An individual, one-to-one course aimed at in-service managers who have specific objectives and no time to spare.

Power Pack Weekend

An individually tailored, one-to-one weekend communication skills course for those who have absolutely no time to spare and have a specific goal to achieve

Management Skills

An individual, one-to-one course aimed at senior managers who need to develop their knowledge in a range of management skills.

Course Booster

The integral conclusion to your training course which really boosts the value you get from your learning to make sure you continue to develop.

Course Levels

We use the Kingsway scale of 0 - 10 to grade personnel. A simple, tried and trusted scale that is so obvious it's unbelievable that the whole world doesn't use it!

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