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Rick Johns

Rick is a BSc Hons. graduate of Electronic & Electrical Engineering from Birmingham University, UK. He joined Schlumberger Wireline directly from university. After finishing training school in Venezuela he spent a year in Colombia – a real taste of being a non-native language speaker! Following a year in Saudi Arabia he was transferred to the UK (Aberdeen and Walsall) and then Indonesia for 3 years before completing his final assignment in Cape Town, South Africa. After 10 years he was back home to build a house – his other dream in life!

Rick’s experience has taken him from the hottest country to the coldest country, from the wettest to the driest, from the smallest location to the biggest, and from native English speaking locations to locations where no one speaks English. He has done all the jobs from field engineering to managing client accounts.

His great variety of experience means he is well placed to look after your staff, and he has a broad empathy with the needs of the oilfield.

Sue Johns

Sue Johns

Sue is a BA Hons graduate of English & History, also from Birmingham University, UK, where she met Rick. After qualifying with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) she spent several years teaching in secondary schools in the UK before joining Rick in Aberdeen. In Indonesia Sue took up English teaching for various companies and writing the news for Radio Republic Indonesia.

On returning to the UK in the late eighties, Sue started Kingsway with the single aim of being better than all the schools she had worked for in the past. And that is still our philosophy today.

Since those days Sue has gone on to gain a Diploma in teaching English (DTEFLA) and a distinction in teaching English for business (Cert TEB). Sue carries her enthusiasm for being “the best” to the Kingsway staff, and it is an on-going policy to be continually developing the tutors to being the top of their profession too.

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