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Our PhilosophyOur Philosophy

How we structure your training course timetable

We believe that for the majority of people speaking and listening are the most important communication skills – the ones most in need of practice if you are going on to a technical training centre, and certainly the skills which are best improved by a course in England. For this reason we emphasise speaking and listening, however lessons do also include the complete range of skills training.

Basic Training and Super Intensive courses follow a structured programme in the mornings to make sure you cover all the important skill areas, and in the afternoons lessons are tailored to the specific needs of the mini-group as a whole. This can include both general topics and oilfield technical language – both of which are essential to the performance of your job.

As part of our thorough and systematic approach to pronunciation teaching, all participants take part in a special extra pronunciation class on  their first day to be introduced to the International Phonemic Alphabet.

The week finishes on Friday with a revision session followed by a “Mixed Skills” lesson, which may be a role play, a quiz or other activity to  get you to  use your newly learned language skills.

Our philosophy therefore is to build a broad skills base in English, suited to your role in the oil industry.

How we make sure you are in the right level class at all timesClass

Using information gathered prior to your arrival, and a brief assessment when you get to Kingsway, we will put you into one of four mini-groups : elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate or upper-intermediate.

On your first day you will be closely monitored by your tutors and if any adjustments are needed they will be made that day.

Throughout your course your tutors feed back to our Director of Studies who will adjust your lesson level to push you to your maximum potential. It is an iterative, continuous process that never stops.

Our aim is get you to achieve your maximum, and our team of staff are highly skilled at doing just that!

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